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CADmeister Software Canggih Untuk Desain Gambar 2/3 Dimensi


Sep 21, 2014
This is the solution that is developed on the base of proficient needs of press die makers.
Work improvement, quality increase and period shortening in all processes of press die structure designing and manufacturing are possible.

Press die function list

This function supports all processes from product modeling that is unique to mold die, mold splitting, mold design, drawing to machining by including mold die dedicated functions in superior modeling function of CADmeister.

Mold function list

Functions, such as Data exchange and Hole machining attribute interaction CAM, specialized for various operations are provided.

Other function list

It is about recommendation of PC system configuration and graphic board for CADmeister use.

PC H/W and S/W system configuration recommendation for CADmeister operation
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